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Brand: Jezelle Designs

Blinged Out Converse Classic All Stars don't get any hotter or cooler. Hand jeweled with Swarovski Crystals check out these Blinged Our Shoes by ...Read more

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Style: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low

Canvas Colors: Black/white; Red; Navy; Pink; White with red & navy stripes

Sizes: Women's 5-13 (Although sold as a unisex shoe, our sizes are in women's)

These Custom Converse are blinged out with only the finest crystals on the market - GENUINE SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL ELEMENTS in Xirius Rose (2088)

About 350 Authentic Swarovski Crystals per pair... these crystal kicks shine like diamonds!!! You can see in the photos the magnificent shine the crystals give off! Each toe is completely covered with about 150 crystals each, and the each heel (low top) with 3 rows of aprox. 30 crystals down the back!

Perfect for any occasion: school, bridal party, birthday celebration, pageants... or just everyday sparkle!

Blinged Out Converse - All Stars


Your Chucks Your Way

Whether you're thinking about Custom Wedding Converse, something like our Glitter Nikes Collection or ready to go totally original with some Glitter shoes for you and a loved one. 

We at love doing custom orders that fit YOU!

 You can choose just about any 

  • Color
  • Style
  • Size

NOTE: *Please know what size you are in this brand before you order, as returns cannot be made for ordering an incorrect size. All sales are final. *Converse tends to run a half size large.

If you don't see exactly what you like just shoot us an email and we'll get right back to you. You can even sign up for our newsletter.... Where you'll get exclusive promo codes and updates for when we get cool All Stars in short supply or the newest hottest Chucks on the block.  

Go ahead and grab your pair of All Star Chucks blinged out today and UP YOUR SHOE GAME! 

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