About Us

Welcome to Jezelle.com!

Where we showcase our passion... creating personalized, crystallized shoes using only the best SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL ELEMENTS! 

In The Beginning

We started "Blinging" our own shoes many years ago, after endlessly searching and searching for a pair (any pair) in stores and online and not finding much. We knew we wanted CRYSTALS, not just rhinestones. That blazing, unbelievable shine on a pair of ALL WHITE sneakers.

After tirelessly looking for about a year, and coming up empty handed, we decided to do it OURSELVES!


Bring On The Bling!

Well... people (women mostly) started to take notice. They would literally stop us out everywhere:  the supermarket, the mall, at the gym, and ask where we got our shoes.

Disappointed that we just made them for ourselves (how dare we do such a thing!), and we had no suggestions as to where they could get their hands on a pair. You can imagine we were left with lots of dreadful sighs and numerous sad faces.


A Bright Sparkly Idea

Then, after some time went by, the lightbulb went on!!!!!

We were always taught to go after what we would enjoy doing, what we were most passionate about.

For example, if they love to create, draw, paint, whatever... just do it!  And that's exactly what we're doing.

Our designs are intricate and of the highest quality, catching anyone's eye with their show-stopping brilliance.

We stand behind all of our products and keep our promise of great quality, service, and dedication to make your experience with our products superior, just like our bling!

Be sure to check back often for new products and fantastic promotions!

Thanks for your interest in our story and joining me on this "sparkling" journey!

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