About Us

We've been in the business of making the world a much more sparkle filled place since 2012. Out of something that grew as a personal passion to be as bling-y as possible more and more people noticed (of course!) and wanted some sparkle in their lives as well. ✨✨

So Jezelle was born! 🎉

We've developed our expertise through our experience of many years and many many satisfied customers. We've also seen over the years what other stores have been passing off as "crystallized" or "embellished" products of high quality...which are anything but. We are passionate about providing the highest quality with each and every item we make for you.

We use nothing but the absolute best in everything we create. 100% Genuine Swarovski Crystals with the strongest adhesive available on Authentic products. 

  • Our crystal embellishment design is custom tailored specifically for each and every unique area on your purchase.
  • We use up to 8 different size crystals to provide the maximum crystal fit and coverage. Unlike other stores that will use fewer sizes where they don't match up just to 'get it done'. Attention to detail and quality time to be precise can't be rushed or faked. 
  • We guarantee superior crystal placement that has no 'short-cuts'. Our crystal placement is precise.

You will see the quality and craftsmanship that can only come from well thought out and meticulous hand jeweled expertise. When we say that your item is “encrusted” with Swarovski crystals we mean it.

We have found that an educated customer is our best customer.

  • We encourage you to research other stores/brands. Check reviews and compare their customers experiences to ours. We're sure you’ll find it an eye opening experience to see how service and quality can vary and sometimes you don’t find out until AFTER you purchase.
  • We pride ourselves on being above and beyond what the ‘usual’ seems to be with other stores where they ship months later, don’t communicate and even send you the wrong item! That won’t happen with us, no bs.

We are 100% confident that if you’ve researched and Googled other stores/brands you will find that there is no other hand jeweled boutique provider that compares to

We're committed to providing an exceptional experience for our loyal customers and look forward to making you part of our sparkle family!✨

 Jezelle Sparkle Surprises


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