Bling Converse Sneakers | Checkerboard | Double Tongue with Swarovski Crystals

Brand: JezelleDesigns

Bling Converse Sneakers | Checkerboard | Double Tongue with Swarovski Crystals each hand jeweled and placed. Up your shoe game from ...Read more

  • $ 170.00


Bling Converse Sneakers - Double Tongue Style


 Game on!

Here are a pair of All Star game changers.  Sporting a double tongue and hot checkerboard style these Bling Converse Sneakers are the definition of cool.

Combining the classic look of a Chuck with the twist of the double tongue the addition of Swarovski Crystals takes them to a whole new level.

Prepared to get stopped everywhere you go!

Bling Converse Sneakers


Checkerboard Converse with the dazzle of Swarovski Crystals 

Hand jeweled with precision and care each and every Crystal shines and dazzles.  

These shoes are perfect for everyday and any occasion or when you just want to stop-the-show and make an entrance.


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Whatever mood you're in we've got the kicks!



With over 300 (16ss = 4mm) Authentic Swarovski Crystals per pair... these shoes Shine like DIAMONDS! 

Each toe is completely covered with about 140 crystals each, and the each heel with 20 crystals on the back!

After payment clears, turn around time is 1-2 weeks. *Rush options available for a nominal charge.  International Shipping available.

Most styles are available in all sizes - from infant to adult.  Prices vary depending on size, style, and other factors.  If you don't see you size available, send me an email, and I'll do my best to get either that same shoe or one very similar for you. :)

Grab your pair of Checkerboard Bling Converse Sneakers today and UP YOUR SHOE GAME!



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