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These ALL WHITE Converse Wedding Shoes with genuine Swarovski crystals. These Bedazzled Converse will bring sparkle from your big day to every day after. ...Read more

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Bedazzled Converse Wedding Shoes - All White

All White Converse Wedding ShoesReferred to as 'Bedazzled' Converse Wedding Shoes. These All White Bridal All Stars are hand crafted to be sooo much more then mere Rhinestone or plastic gem Wedding Sneakers

Swarovski Crystals and careful crafting are the key, and you're about to see why. 


More YOU / Less Tradition

One trend that has been a godsend to the feet of many brides and bridal parties has been the one towards comfortable, stylish wedding shoes.  

The traditional dress shoe or high heel is usually the first thing to go when the nuptials are over and everyone is seated for the festivities.  

So why not get some custom converse wedding shoes specially made for the occasion that you can also enjoy long after the "i dos"?

Your individuality is on display, after all it is YOUR day! So think about the hit they'll be when you have the garter ceremony or when you and the rest of the girls are kicking up your heels on the dance floor.

The photos and the expression of your personality will be something to cherish and treasure for years to come.


These Wedding Converse Sneakers Are Perfect For The Big Day and Every Day After.

Swarovski Converse Wedding Shoes 

I don't think many people say that about those high heels you'll only wear once. Your 'Bedazzled' Converse will keep wowing people day in and day out as you begin your new life with your hubby.

PS: We also have tons of colors for the boys too!

*Now Available in CONVERSE ALL STAR 2!  

Bridal Shoes That Have The Shine and Brilliance of True Swarovski Crystals!


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 Bedazzled Converse Wedding Shoes


Its all in the details!

All of our Custom Converse are custom jeweled with the finest crystals on the market - SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL ELEMENTS! These have over 300 per pair and they Shine like DIAMONDS!  

  *Don't be fooled by imitations... People often refer to these as rhinestone bridal shoes but they are so much more than that

See other listings for any color, hi top, low top, any variation.. It can be done.  


Email us at to set up your custom orders today! :)

Turn around time is 2-3 weeks.

Rush options available for custom orders not in stock, as well as overnight and international shipping, for a nominal charge. 

Grab your pair of All White Bedazzled Converse Wedding Shoes or check out the rest of our Wedding Converse Collection today and wear them from your Big Day and everyday thereafter!


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