White Sparkly Nikes + Summer = Dazzle

Jun 21 2016 Tags: Customized Nikes

White Sparkly Nikes + Summer = Dazzle

white glitter nike


Summer is officially here and with that it's time to get outside and play.  And if your idea of "play" also involves hitting the gym, running, or even just spending time just looking good then the Roshe Run is for you.

Our all-white womens sparkly Nikes will put more shine into whatever you do.  

Each shoe has a huge outside swoosh covered in Swarovski crystals (you can even get the inside done as well) which takes the style to a whole other level.  

The ultimate white kick in our bling out Nikes collection they will turn heads wherever you go...including your own.  

Make summer even hotter with Jezelle.com's Roshe Run crystallized kicks with Swarovski crystals.  

available in other colors

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