How to Keep White Kicks WHITE!

How to Keep White Sneakers WHITE!        

By: Jezelle Designs


      * Don’t wear them! LOL 

Truthfully, it’s really hard to keep a white sneaker clean, but we all LOVE and must have an ALL WHITE shoe (Especially if it's a White Converse Wedding Shoes!) so….

The best advice is to start with being proactive:

  • Avoid wearing them in the rain
  • Stay away from those dirt roads
  • When taking them off, untie and use your hands
  • Keep away from your dog!

When you must clean them, and face this ultimate human challenge, be gentle.

Because crystals have been hand glued on these kicks, they cannot be tossed into a washing machine and dryer, like a pair of plain white Keds.


Do's and Don'ts

 I suggest the following:

  • Spot cleaning with a tiny bit of clear liquid dish/hand soap on a damp white paper towel (always white cloth or towel, never a color).
  • Purchase one of those shoe cleaning kits sold at most shoe stores, which often come with a waterproofing/protector of some sort.
  • Baby wipes are great for the rubber soles, being careful to dab gently rather than rub back and forth, which will only spread the dirty area.
  • Note: After cleaning, always allow your shoes to air dry completely before wearing them.


If you must wash them

  • take the laces out
  • place them and the shoes in a washing machine laundry bag
    • with a few other all white small items, like socks, zip closed and place in washing machine with a white towel or two on an extremely gentle, no agitation, hand wash cycle for the least amount of timed allowed.
  • Allow the shoes to air dry completely (about 48 hours) on a dry towel away from the sun.
  • The crystals should not come off, however, wash in the washing machine at your own risk!


So if you're rocking a White Custom Roshe Run or Swarovski Converse All Stars... 

Each time you wear your white shoes, you may want to wipe them down when you get home to keep your kicks fresh!


Good Luck!




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