Converse Keychain MinisA Brand New Batch of Car Bling.

A cool cute addition to our Bling It On Collection has arrived!

These blinged out Converse keychains are as fun as they are stylish.  They add a whole new dimension to your love of Customized Converse.  

You can take your kicks with you anywhere you go! 

We now have a vast assortment of colors and styles ranging from your blues, blacks and pinks to the Italian Flag.  

Each one can fit on your keychain, backpack, gym-bag, or hang from your rear view mirror. 

Small enough to take take anywhere!  

Of course here at we can customize it even further, if you want to spice it up a bit more with different colored crystals, we can do it!  

And just like our "larger" customs like:

Each of these Minis come hand-jeweled with genuine Swarovski Crystals

So help yourself to a Custom Converse Keychain (or two!) while they're here and in-stock and "get your sparkle on" Mini-style!


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