Bling Baby Shoes

Swarovski Baby Converse Collection 

Did somebody say it's time to get your little one Blinged Out?

Well you've come to the right place.  We here at know that every little Princess dreams of having fairy tale shoes and every Prince wants to run like the wind.

Our Bling Baby Shoes with Genuine Swarovski Crystals provide that bit of 'magic' that fun and imagination are made of. 

Bling Baby Shoes by Jezelle.comEven though they grow up so fast the glittery memories of these super-cute All Stars will be something to cherish for a lifetime


Perfect for a Ring Bearer on that Special Day

With Brides and Grooms breaking away from the traditional with Wedding Converse and even involving the Groomsmen and Bridal Parties, there is no reason the Ring-Bearer and Flower Girl can't get in on the fun!

With each step down the aisle to do his official duty as ring bearer your little prince will dazzle the whole crowd.  


Like Parent Like Child..

Everyone who has one knows that they just can't wait to get into, borrow, or wear your stuff.  You and your little one can have both enjoy the fun and look cool together.  

Your little one can get their sparkle addiction on early and it will last a lifetime. 

Glitterfix by Jezelle

If it's Glitter Kicks or even Converse wedding shoes just ask and we can make it happen


Only the Best = Swarovski Crystal Elements

Each and every one of our kicks here at Jezelle is hand jewelled with the finest crystals on the planet, Swarovski Crystal Elements.

Assuring that every pair will be a one-of-kind original each crystal is hand placed with precision and care.  

You can choose your

  • Size
  • Style
  • Color

As well as special orders for custom crystal placement.  

We're always getting in the hottest styles and colors as well as having very limited additions of hard to get kicks.  Sign up for our newsletter for exclusive promo discounts and we'll give you a heads up when we have the newest and freshest kicks in stock.  

Enjoy our Baby Bling Shoes Collection by 

Up YOUR (and your little ones) Shoe Game!


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